Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Writing and reporting for international media

Perhaps, the greatest challenge many budding writers meet along the way is the prospect of reporting or writing for international media. This is never easy considering the many qualified people who also apply for the postings. However, its also never impossible. Many of the reporters currently flying high in the world of international media such as CNN started somewhere and so can you. CNN Correspondent Zain Verjee, for example, started from a relatively small media house in Kenya back in the days (1990s). Her excellent work and dedication saw her submitting some reporting pieces for CNN, which ended up accepting them setting her current international media career path.
What of CNN Africa Correspondent Jeff Koinange? He too started in a small media house somewhere and look where he is a couple of years later. Success is a journey, not a destination, one adage goes. So the most important thing is to strive to be always one or more steps better than you were the previous day. Of course, its never easy, nobody says it is. But its never impossible either.

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