Saturday, April 28, 2007

Writing appealing articles

Writings do not necessarily have to be pleasing to the readers. As a writer, your sacred duty is to put issues and points across. This requires sobriety, a fertile imagination (for fiction and prose writers) and a flair for the pen. Let these guide you. A clear conscience is also very important.

Most of the poets and writers probably started by writing their thoughts down during those idle moments. You will be amazed by how far their writing has gone. Never be idle. A writer ( or an aspiring writer), is always on the look out. The three codes of writing are be an avid reader, listener and communicator. You must be able to sieve what is important from what is not.

A prolific African-Kenyan writer, Mr. Phillip Ochien'g once lambasted the poor writing trend of many of the current crop of African writers blaming it on the absence of a clear and strong moral conscience. While that may be debatable, fact is, without a clear conscience it becomes difficult for a writer to convey a message across without appearing to be babbling.

Readers will definitely see through a wacky piece of writing. This is because human beings are created in search a way that we can always read in between the lines. That is, there is always a 'third eye' pointing to something which meets more than the eye. Our sub-concious mind sees what we cannot see physically with the naked eye.

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