Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Managing your time effectively

You have just woken up, taken a shower and dressed up waiting to go to work. Suddenly, you remember, the work assignment or investment club meeting you were supposed to attend to. You take a look at your diary and find that the event is not keyed in. As well, you have to go to work and finish up some stuff. The first thing to do is to always have a diary or planner with you wherever you are. The planner or diary can serve the dual purposes of taking in your thoughts and schedules.

Always make sure you finish the easy assignments first. If all it requires is making a call. Do it and forget about it. Make sure you also take on your assignments in order of priority starting with the most important ones first. You will be amazed by how they get solved smoothly.

Anything positive you think of should always be put in writing (in your diary or planner). Avoid putting your thoughts on scattered pieces of paper. They are more than likely to disappear together with your thoughts and ideas. Never dismiss positive thoughts even as big as they might seem to you. The conscience putting them right there in your mind knows that you can pursue them, take them on and succeed in making them a reality. So be sure to have a planner or a diary next to you everytime waiting for that time when a flash of a bright idea or thought comes lingering on in your mind.

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