Monday, May 07, 2007

Taking one step at a time

Taking one step at a time is usually a hard thing for the human nature. The norm is that we always want it all here and now. But more often than not, this is never the case. Sometimes, it can get so disappointing that one may think it is the end. In reality, many would agree that at some point or another, they have come upon obstacles so challenging as to make them think that they have reached a dead end. At this point, many give up. However, a few often try to push harder not believing that it is the end. Always seeing a light at the end of the tunnel even when everybody else is seeing no hope, no future. That is the quality inherent in achievers. Those who never take no for answer. And that is what often separates the successful from the laggards.

A director with a national NGO in Kenya describing his earlier steps in starting an anti-drug abuse organizations recollects a period of disappointments, negative comments (from the most unlikely sources-friends and other close people). This did not deter him in his drive towards bringing something positive to the surface. 'It has never been done', came the darkened words, 'you wont make it', came another'...blablabla... A few years later (actually 3 years), his vision had blossomed into something tangible and serious. Within this short period, he had appeared on BBC, SABC (South African national station) among many other media anti-drug discussion panels. Similarly, he has brought hope to a number of those affected by drug addiction.

This further tells us that whatever it is that the heart is directed towards, nothing should stop you from pursuing it. Try all the channels possible. Knock all the doors, seek all the ways and ask all the questions. Just when you think all doors have been closed, God will open for you another window and that is not philosophy but something real. Something tangible. Something that is and will always be above human understanding. Keep on trying. Chase your dream. If you believe its what is meant for you then don't stop. It ain't over until its over. Never give up.

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