Saturday, June 23, 2007

Competing against others vs challenges

The greatest mistake many people make is to focus their efforts on others rather than on the obstacles. By focusing on others, you limit yourself and fail to know the extent of what you can achieve. It is therefore not surprising that many out there are frustrated and desperate because they don't get to realize their goals as they spend their lifetime concerning themselves with the lives of others. At the end, they start blaming the world for their failures.

Let your eyes rest on the challenge, be it little education or illiteracy, lack of money, joblessness and the like. Look for all the possible ways of tackling the challenge. You can talk to successful people you admire and ask for their guidance. And never limit yourself to what is seen and known. That professional, businessman or minister you admire may just give you an audience.

Looking squarely at the challenge and the challenge alone will enable you to work hard and solve only that which is paramount to you, your environment and your future. Never waste time trying to compete with people because we cannot be the same in the world. But when you work on eliminating your weaknesses and challenges such as those mentioned above, you will be amazed at how comfortable and peaceful you will feel seeing the result of your efforts.

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