Saturday, April 28, 2007

Maintaining focus amid the buzz

Keeping one's focus amid the hectic lifestyle, noise and buzz present in the world today is not easy. Perhaps, the most common thing that dents our focus is when our friends say stuff like..'you can't do it' can't be done'...'you are just average'...'you are not beautiful'...'you will head nowhere'...'you are stupid'...and the list goes on.

Her husband told her she was 'just average' and that she couldn't do it. She was distraught for sometime but that did not stop her from pursuing her goal of participating in a beauty show. Despite the discouragements and low self esteem (initially, atleast), she went on to become the winner in a tight beauty peagant. Yes, she is Rachel Love Fraser, a 27-year-old construction company clerk who was crowned 'The Swan', after a four month long competition. On top of the crown, she got $50,000 cash, a new car, a $30,000 diamond necklace, two vacations and a $25,000 full-length mink coat. As well, she got an assignment with Fox TV and a number of modelling contracts. So much for some one who is 'just average'.

What one can learn from this and many other such stories ( Nelson Mandela's, Surgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson, Lakshmi Nivas Mittal) is that you are the one that determines the direction of your life. No one has the power, but you to change your destiny. The choices you make determines your future. Remember, whatever discouragements or negative words your friends, relatives or any other person tell you cannot bite you. Negative things never last. They are just temporary. And in any case, they make your resolve stronger.

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