Saturday, April 28, 2007

Elements of a good article

The main problem most aspiring writers as well as established writers often face is the question of how to put across an article to convey exactly what is desired. This is never easy. Many writers have been hounded just because their audience does not comprehend the intended message. What is sometimes worse is when readers fail to take in the satire in an article or literary piece.

A story is told of how a president in Utopia called a newspaper writer to congratulate him for a good piece on his government. The writer, tickled by all these, could only manage a thank you and an ear to ear smile. This was funny considering that the writer, had put across a mind boggling satirical piece. All those who saw the satire in the article too burst into peals of laughter. Such a stylistic device is known as reverse satire. The opposite is plain satire when one bares all just as it is.

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